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This category uses the form Trainer. There are 24 so far.

Technically, this page combines Trainer Classes, which many characters may belong to (there are several Cat Girls, for example), and the Characters themselves (like the Protagonist or their Mum).

Bandit bandit.png
Barmaid 15.png
Cat Girl Cat-girl-front.png
Cop cop.png
Enforcer Enforcer-front.png
Female Trainer female-trainer-front.png
Gangster gangster.png
Guardsman guardsman.png
Homemaker 21.png
Lady 19.png
Lieutenant lieutenant.png
Male Trainer male-trainer-front.png
Outlaw outlaw.png
Park Warden 18.png
Postboy 24.png
Professor Professor-front.png
Scout 22.png
Sheriff 16.png
Superintendent superintendent.png
Tennis Player Tennis-player-front.png
Wanderer 20.png