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This category uses the form Technique.

Proposed complete set of techniques, and the proposed effects that would power them.

See also technique animations that could be used to illustrate these techniques.

  MainAnimation TXMN ID TXMN Category TXMN Effects TXMN Type 1 TXMN Type 2 TXMN Power Sources
Bite bite.gif 4 physical damage Normal 50
Blades power slash.gif number of attacks 3 Metal 20 Sanglorian
Cheat Missing other Metal ProfessorGreen
Claw Missing physical damage Metal 50 ProfessorGreen
Drought Missing Fire Sanglorian
Eruption fire attack.gif damage Fire 100 Sanglorian
Evil Eye Missing damage Wood, 50 Sanglorian
Fire Explosion fire attack.gif 10 damage Fire 69
Fluff Up Missing increase Special Defence by one step Earth, N/A Sanglorian
Glow Missing increase Special Defence by 1 stage Metal N/A Sanglorian
Glower Missing decrease enemy's Accuracy by 1 stage Wood N/A
Headbutt Missing damage 50 Sanglorian
Lie Missing other Metal ProfessorGreen
Poison Sting Missing 2 damage, poison Poison 40
Pound pound.gif 1 physical damage, Normal 50
Revenge Stance Missing Metal Sanglorian
Salt Missing Earth Sanglorian
Shell Missing increase Defence by 1 stage Wood N/A Sanglorian
Shroud Missing increase Evasion by 2 stages Fire N/A Sanglorian
Sinkhole Missing Water Sanglorian
Steal Missing other Metal ProfessorGreen
Steel Beams Missing Metal Sanglorian
Swallow Missing Water 30 Sanglorian
Thunderball crushing ball.gif damage, low chance of flinching Earth 30 Sanglorian
Verdigris Missing Wood Sanglorian
Water Shot water shot.gif 3 damage Water 50
Whirlwind volume tornado.gif 9 damage Wood 70

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