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Content that is yet to be incorporated[edit]

Outstanding Problems[edit]

  • Where a person's username is lower case, some of their art will have been entered as upper case and not associated with their account.
  • I have set up a new entry for Face Sprites, but many Face Sprites are still identified as Menu Sprites.

Some of Our Characters[edit]

abesnaki-front2.png Dollfin-front-.png Lambert-front.png cairfrey.png weavifly.png Rockat-front.png vamporm.png Cat-girl-front.png Nudiflot take 2.png Eyenemy-front.png manosting.png sovereice.png Wolffsky front.png ferricran.png Enforcer-front.png trapsnap.png possessun.png aardorn 64px.png arthrobolt-front.png nut-front.png millilil.png nimbulex.png spighter.png ruption.png sumobulb.png tikoal.png grintrock.png dragarbor.png molear.png sludgehog-front.png Dollfin-front.png Pigabyte-front.png Noxdeus-front.png hydrone-front.png hectapod.png raynose.png (alien).png sapsnap.png bolt-front.png merlicun front.png bumbulus.png fuzzina.png flisces .png wooden-donkey-front-alt.png superintendent.png velocitile.png yiinaang.png houndice.png sampsage.png pipis.png lendos.png slichen.png dune-pincher-front.png ziggurat.png aardorn 1.png renaiprans.png Hoarse-front.png cardiwing fakemon sprite by spalding004-d5ky0e ip.png cop.png tux-front.png anoleaf.png magjestic.png knindling.png Memnomnom-front.png